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My name is Anja O’Connor. I believe small businesses must adapt to changes we need in the world now.
As sustainability is turning into regeneration, now is the time to start doing things differently.

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Click Here to download my ebook for practical steps you can take now. It’s still valid in a post-covid world.

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I’m a numbers geek and people person. I love being able to combine both. I am available for personalised training on the Xero accounting software. See my contact information below and get in touch. I’m also assisting businesses and organisations to stay within the doughnut as an econcomic model.

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My work in regenerative practices & community wellbeing is based on years of experiences with small business and my own Yoga and mindfulness principles. I eat a whole-food plant-based diet and I live in a tiny house offgrid. I love to share my experiences, get in touch if you want to know more.

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The world has become a more connected place. Find me on LinkedIn but please send a personalised message when asking to connect.

Personal views and ponderings on https://littlewolfdog.com

Let’s build a healthy business together.

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